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With the ever changing complexities in health care, your input is vital in understanding patient treatment patterns and quality of information received from pharmaceutical sales representatives. Join the over 7,000 physicians who already participated in one of our quarterly or monthly panels and are helping to shape the future of health care. As honoraria for your valuable contribution, we offer a points reward program offering a variety of gift items from leading retailers, restaurants and gift cards. For more information and details on how you can get started please Click Here

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The NDTI has linked thousands of physicians together in a seamless and complex tapestry depicting practice in the office setting. Through this ageless linkage, researchers are just now beginning to understand the richness of this practice tapestry. The Department of Health Policy (DHP), established in 1990 by the leadership of Jefferson Medical College and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, plans to study this tapestry to reveal all of its intricacies.



The Pharmaceutical Promotional Study provides data for analysis of what, how, when, and how much pharmaceutical product promotion is occurring among office-based physicians. Drawn from a universe of more than 350,000 physicians, the Pharmaceutical Promotional Study panel is comprised of over 4,000 office-based physicians in 100 selected primary specialties, across the continental United States. Each month members of the PPS panel respond to a variety of questions that probe recollection and perceptions of pharmaceutical sales rep visits which helps for ongoing quality and effectiveness of in-person pharmaceutical detailing.



The Hospital Doctor Detail panel provides data for analysis of what, how, when, and how much pharmaceutical product promotion is occurring in the hospital pharmacy setting. Drawn from a universe of more than 5,600 hospitals, the Hospital Doctor Detail panel is statistically balanced to represent all hospital types, bedsize categories, and regions.


IMS conducts primary market research to address specific questions relating to patient treatment, pharmaceutical product detailing or other topics relating to the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals are invited to participate in various one-time surveys in order that we may gain insight and perspective into specific key drivers.

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